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Name: Paul Roberts aka Turk
City/Country: Jellico Mtn Lafollette. Tennessee
Sent: 03.47 - Sunday, 19.April 2015

Just sending out my Respects to the B&W Worldwide...............

Name: Andrew
Homepage: http://none
City/Country: Knoxville, TN
Sent: 18.03 - Saturday, 18.April 2015

You guys are awesome! So happy that you guys are in Knoxville, TN. Love and respect to you all.

Name: andy a.k.a. Donny black & white supporter
City/Country: belgium
Sent: 02.51 - Saturday, 18.April 2015

A holla to the A.O.A. Brotherhood

As i\'m getting much support and respect from the belgian brothers
They help me with my struggle against my former heroine and meth addiction
Because of their support and respect i\'m now clean for 3months 2weeks 6days...
And if it wasen\'t for them i would failed this fight a long time ago...
Because of the brotherhood i now know there is a life without heroine and meth...

Big respect to all the black & white brotherhood

Greetz from belgium
The son of a B&W brother

Name: AOA Kristiansand
City/Country: Kristiansand/Norway
Sent: 21.31 - Friday, 17.April 2015

We inn the Kristiansand chapter here in Norway wish all our brothers and supports å great weekend and a Nice spring time.
One Way AOA!!, ride fred forever!!

Gabriel 1%er, Secretary

Name: Joanne
City/Country: Rancho Cordova, CA.
Sent: 19.14 - Thursday, 16.April 2015

Just stopping by to give some Love with the Greatest Respect to all of you. Snowman, please give me a call, I Miss You! Always, Joanne Your Cali Girl;*)

Name: erich michael Rasbornig
Homepage: http://none
City/Country: austria
Sent: 21.27 - Sunday, 12.April 2015

4ever OffO

Name: virgil madden
City/Country: columbus,ohio
Sent: 22.44 - Friday, 10.April 2015

ride on

Name: Matt 1%er
City/Country: Sandusky Ohio
Sent: 12.14 - Thursday, 9.April 2015

April 9, 1998 we lost a True 1%er Brother G.B.N.F. Bad Jon 1%er

Name: Tony Fiala Sr President and Founder Ride Out Kingz C.C.
Homepage: http://RideOutkingz Car Club Facebook
City/Country: Portland OR U.S.A.
Sent: 05.38 - Tuesday, 7.April 2015

I Grew up in Gary In, and have been around Outlaw brothers my whole life. I started working in a machine shop inside C and L Auto Supply on 41st and Broadway, Gary in the early to mid 1990s. Brothers from the MC would bring in their motorcycle parts for me to work on and fix. One of those brothers was Randy Yager. I moved to Portland Oregon in 2005 and just wanted to say it would be nice to see a Outlaws Portland Oregon Chapter. My ROKZ CC would be a supporter.

Name: Mikael
City/Country: Sweden
Sent: 18.27 - Saturday, 4.April 2015

Im just wanna give support love and respect

im not a member of any
Ill just love Outlaws

Name: VW
City/Country: Staunton
Sent: 15.42 - Saturday, 4.April 2015

Just some guy in the valley. showing my support!!!! Ride hard, ride free!!!

Name: Jinete Solitario
City/Country: Christchurch
Sent: 13.21 - Friday, 3.April 2015

SYLO Hello to all the AOA in New Zealand

Name: jamjam
City/Country: ormond beach
Sent: 02.19 - Wednesday, 1.April 2015

Need to see 1%er HAPPY HAL on the forever Chapter page. June 2014. respect. S.Y.LO. FOREVER

Name: Joe Holbrook
City/Country: Whitesburg/USA
Sent: 16.37 - Tuesday, 31.March 2015

Just stopping in for support love and respect ain\'t no member of any just respect
What you all do and stand for..

Name: JF1%er
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.fr
City/Country: South West France
Sent: 23.25 - Monday, 30.March 2015

All members chapter South West Outlaws mc France send à big welcome to the new prospective chapter Bar Montenegro & new prospective chapter Westside Germany .


South West chapter

Outlaws mc France

City/Country: BELGIUM
Sent: 10.26 - Sunday, 29.March 2015

Happy Birthday to CAMI 1%er L/L England and many more to come Bro
Stay Strong & Take Care

Name: AJ
City/Country: kentucky
Sent: 05.13 - Sunday, 29.March 2015


Name: JF1%er
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc.fr
City/Country: South France
Sent: 21.56 - Thursday, 26.March 2015

All members Outlaws mc France South West chapter send to Gillles 1%er AOA Thailande a speedy recovery . Take care of you Brother . Hope see you soon this summer .


South West chapter

Outlaws mc France

City/Country: BELGIUM
Sent: 19.15 - Thursday, 26.March 2015

Happy Bday to SEAN 1%er L/L England and many more to come Brother
Stay Strong

Name: sharon
City/Country: hoy springs, arkansas USA
Sent: 18.03 - Tuesday, 24.March 2015

congratulations....you are the best. My #1

Name: Stu Rat
City/Country: Mojave,USA
Sent: 04.04 - Tuesday, 24.March 2015

Ride Harley\\'s and drink some Beers, and raise some hell!

Name: Billy White
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmcworld.com/guestbook.htm
City/Country: Big Stone Gap, Va USA
Sent: 08.31 - Monday, 23.March 2015

Hello OUTLAW WORLD ride safe and as always from me much respect to you all and Charlie...

Sent: 17.26 - Sunday, 22.March 2015

Happy Birthday to SMITTY 1%er L/L USA
and many more to come

Name: Vinny Bradley
City/Country: Englewood
Sent: 02.02 - Sunday, 22.March 2015

Keep up being awesome would love to get to talk to one of you guys I see a few of you around in Englewood its a very cool site to see

Name: Tyler
City/Country: N. Missouri USA
Sent: 01.05 - Sunday, 22.March 2015

Much respect to the Outlaws. I\'m young and am wanting to get a Harley and start riding. It\'d be nice to see more chapters started here in Missouri. Great message on a 1%er. -Ride Hard

Name: Steven Stubberud
Sent: 05.43 - Saturday, 21.March 2015

Back in the 80s in Waterloo Iowa a few outlaw members next door to my dad in a really crappy nieborhood . We I was 10 or11 at the time. I believe they mite have had a club house across the road . Now these guys were real to there club . Hard as coffin nails . But I got to know them amy dad always b. s .ed with them never once was there any problems with us now at times they settled some problems but we never disrespected one another long time ago but thoese guys were really a good group first Harley ride much respect to ya

Name: Gene Mayfield
City/Country: OKC / USA
Sent: 02.39 - Wednesday, 18.March 2015

Great story on the 1%er, Hits home !

Love, Respect


Name: Janet
City/Country: panama city, fl
Sent: 09.52 - Friday, 13.March 2015

Milwaukee Jack 1%er sorry I\'m late telling you happy birthday. Been tied up with my mom being sick. I hope you can make it to Thunder Beach this year it would be nice to see some of the older guys down here.I really miss seeing you all. The younger generation just isn\'t the same as it use to be. They are nice and all but they just are not like the old school guys and I miss y\'all. Come down and visit some
soon. L/R Your Sister till the end.

Name: David Gonzalez
City/Country: Aurora , Ill
Sent: 17.59 - Wednesday, 11.March 2015

Respect always and I will always support my local Outlaws.

Name: Gilbert
City/Country: KNOXVILLE TN United States of American
Sent: 23.38 - Saturday, 7.March 2015

LHR. Have a safe a prosperous weekend my Brothers. LHR

Name: Gabriel 1%er
City/Country: Kristiansand
Sent: 15.30 - Saturday, 7.March 2015

We in Kristiansand chapter want to wish all our brothers around the world å kick ass weekend!
Stay strong Brothers, One Way!!!
Gabriel 1%er, AOA Kristiansand, Norway.

Name: Maniac Matt
City/Country: La Crosse, WI
Sent: 01.43 - Friday, 6.March 2015


Name: Bulldog
City/Country: Kingston USA
Sent: 16.32 - Wednesday, 4.March 2015

Best Club in town! Love and Respect

Name: Daniel
City/Country: Ft lauderdale
Sent: 04.40 - Wednesday, 4.March 2015

Just like to say well written on your quote on 1%ers

Name: Charles
City/Country: Nashville
Sent: 19.25 - Saturday, 28.February 2015

Long live the Black and White

Name: Vulture 1%er
Sent: 20.25 - Monday, 23.February 2015

This msg is for Dean Russo my e mail is Outlawsaoa@aol.com

Name: Dean Russo
City/Country: Pineville Missouri
Sent: 08.04 - Thursday, 19.February 2015

Looking for Vulture, love and respect...

Name: Eoghan O\'Mahony
City/Country: Ireland
Sent: 11.28 - Wednesday, 18.February 2015

Keep on doin what ye\'re doin. A lot of respect

Name: jeffery seals
City/Country: Indianapolis
Sent: 07.03 - Wednesday, 18.February 2015

Love and respect to all outlaws and supporters forever, R.I.P. uncle Badeye

Homepage: http://Guestbook
City/Country: Clayton Ohio
Sent: 08.18 - Monday, 16.February 2015

To All OUTLAWS I have had the priveledge of hanging with you since 1979.In all the clubhouses I have been to for a visit put some money on the tab and hit the jail jar or building fund whatever is urgent at the time. My undying support is to the Black and White world.I am damn proud to wear my support swag with pride and don,t give a rats ass who likes it and who don.I have had the honor of knowing some Damn fine OUTLAWS. SAMPSON,STAIRWAY HARRY HAMBONE<JAKE THE SNAKE,DAVID JACK just for starters.Had a chance to stop in Louisville last summer. Jacob,RICH,KEVIN,PHIL,were a fuckin class act.I\'d like to see ALL OUTLAWS FREE Especially Taco, Just keep the Nation strong this fuckin country\'s going to need every swinging dick when this government turns on us.Save me a place on the front line I love Rock and Roll Shows and My cameras are top notch. Much Love and Respect toOne andALL DIZZY Dayton/Middletown OHIO

Name: Bobby Hensley
City/Country: Whitwell, TN USA
Sent: 21.29 - Saturday, 14.February 2015


Name: VITT 1%er
Homepage: http://www.outlawsmc-russia.ru
City/Country: Moscow/Russia
Sent: 18.04 - Saturday, 14.February 2015

Happy Birthday to our Brother Milwaukee Jack 1%er L/L and many more to come!
Stay Strong


Name: skully
City/Country: Wittenberg wi
Sent: 08.07 - Saturday, 14.February 2015

Probate skully trogs mc Wisconsin. All my love and respect to the outlaws.

Name: harleyrick
City/Country: pittsburg p.a.
Sent: 19.23 - Friday, 13.February 2015

sure miss u brothers I had to move to pittsburg because of family health sure miss fla and the brothers .wish u had a chater here in pittsburg

City/Country: BELGIUM
Sent: 10.07 - Wednesday, 11.February 2015

Happy Birthday to Milwaukee Jack 1%er L/L and many more to come!
Stay Strong

Name: Caleb lyell
City/Country: Murray/United States of America
Sent: 06.20 - Tuesday, 10.February 2015

Much love from Murray Kentucky :)

Name: CLINT 1%ER!
City/Country: AUSTRALIA
Sent: 04.24 - Tuesday, 10.February 2015

our deepest condoleance to the brothers,family&friend of Chip 1%er R.I.P brother L.L.R from WESTSIDE AUSTRALIA O.F.F.O

City/Country: Ringgold GA
Sent: 16.59 - Friday, 6.February 2015

Been outlaw support since 95 have met some of the best people ever some i would give my life for long live Charlie sylo forever

Name: Paul Roberts
City/Country: Jellico Mtn. N.E. Tennessee
Sent: 15.41 - Monday, 2.February 2015

Want say to all the B&W... In Memory of Jeffro 1%er today.. he\'s G.B.N.F. since 2/2/12.with Respects he will be sadly missed.......................

Name: Joe Pagnotti
City/Country: olyphant pa USA
Sent: 02.29 - Monday, 2.February 2015

great mc love what you stand for from the love to help out at events get in touch